Sandbanks is a luxury fashion brand with an eye on sustainability and protecting the future of the world. All the clothing found in the sandbanks range is constructed from recycled consumer waste that are found within the oceans and landfills. The collection is completely made within the EU. The Sandbanks collection ranges from T-shirt and shorts twin sets, swimwear, polo shirts and hats, to sweatshirts and jackets in the winter. Sandbanks jackets are produced using eco-down fill and faux fur with the view to save animals from exploitation. Shop the Sandbanks collection at Norton Barrie today. 

Sandbanks is an ethically-driven fashion brand focused on bringing sustainable fashion to the high-end market. Founded by a team of creative innovators, the brand exists to provide a stylish, sustainable alternative to traditional fast-fashion. 

At Sandbanks, fashion and sustainability go hand-in-hand. They believe that all of their products should be made with respect for our planet and the people who live in it. Their clothing is crafted from organically-sourced, natural fabrics that are free from toxic dyes and chemicals, giving you peace of mind as you shop their contemporary wardrobe staples. 

Why choose Sandbanks clothing?

What really sets Sandbanks apart is their combination of high-end quality with thoughtfully designed pieces. Their menswear collection brings together classic cuts with modern detailing, with styles that exude simple sophistication and casual relaxed silhouettes. 

Sandbanks menswear is perfect for those conscious of both style and its impact on the planet. From timeless classics to pioneering designs, every item is designed to inspire creativity and stand the test of time. 

At Norton Barrie, we’re proud to be an exclusive UK supplier of Sandbanks clothing. This brand truly brings a new, refreshing approach to sustainable fashion. In a world of fast fashion, Sandbanks is paving the way for an era of conscious living. Shop the full collection today, or check out our BOSS collection for more modern menswear. 

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